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Details - Healthy Environments

Chapter 1: Noise: Environmental exposure
Chapter 2: Noise: Adverse health effects - aural disorders
Chapter 3: Noise: Adverse health effects - psychosocial, cardiovascular and reproductive effects
Chapter 4: Noise: Interventions - preventive action
Chapter 5: Environmental tobacco smoke (passive smoking)
5.1 The carcionogenic potential of ETS
5.2 Effects of ETS in adults
5.3 Effects of ETS in infants
5.4 Effects of ETS in children
5.5 ETS and blood continine
Chapter 6: Air quality: Environmental exposure to pollutants
6.1 Air Quality
6.2 Air Pollutants
6.3 Ultraviolet radiation
Chapter 7: Air quality: Adverse health effects
7.1 Specific Conditions
7.2 Effect of sulphur dioxide on health
7.3 Effect of suspended particulate matter on health
7.4 Effect of oxides of nitrogen on health
7.5 Effect of ozone on health
7.6 Effect of pollutant mixtures on health
7.7 Effect of outdoor carbon monoxide on health
7.8 Effect of lead in air on health
7.9 Effect of ultraviolet radiation on health
Chapter 8: Air quality: Interventions - preventive action
Chapter 9: Housing: Environmental exposure
Chapter 10: Housing: Adverse health effects
Chapter 11: Housing: Interventions - preventive action
11.1 Opportunities for action outside the NHS
11.2 Opportunities for action within the NHS
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