Health Evidence Bulletins - Wales

Project Methodology 2
(Project Methodology 3 -now updated)

Aims and objectives
Part I: Methodology
Stage 1 Defining the task
Stage 2 Searching for information
Stage 3 Grading the evidence
Stage 4 Assigning the evidence to statements
Stage 5 Internal Review
Stage 6 Producing the Bulletins
Stage 7 External review
Stage 8 Disseminating the Bulletins
Stage 9 The longer term
Roles and responsibilities
Part II: Appendices
  1. Checklist of information sources
  2. Some search strategies used in the Project
  3. Type of evidence classification
  4. Evidence status proforma
  5. Systematic reviews of randomised controlled trials: appraisal checklist (Type I evidence)
  6. Randomised controlled trials: appraisal checklist (Type II evidence)
  7. Other studies: appraisal checklist (Types III or IV evidence)
  8. Qualitative studies: appraisal checklist (Type IV evidence)
  9. Final report proforma (skeleton chapter for the Bulletin)
  10. Quick reference sheet for critical appraisal teams

Barker J, Weightman AL and Lancaster J
Cardiff: Duthie Library UWCM, 1997

Sir Herbert Duthie Library
University of Wales College of Medicine
Heath Park
Cardiff CF4 4XN
United Kingdom

Tel: +1222 745142
Fax: +1222 743651

Project Director: Dr Nicholas Phin
Director of Public Health
Dyfed Powys Health Authority

A project supported by the Wales Office of Research & Development for Health and Social Care

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